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    Safety Tips for Demolition If you are familiar with demolition services, you know it is far more complex than most people know where buildings are brought down through explosives and stuffs. There are steps which engineers designed to efficiently remove buildings without risks. Many demolition companies and engineers all over the world have created numerous kinds of demolition process. These demolition processes focus on precision and intensive planning. The popular demolition types are residential, commercial as well as the industrial demolition. Residential demolition is any demolition service provided to properties not reaching three stories and small in size. It can last less than a day with the use of excavators, bulldozer, cranes and simple construction equipment to finish the job. Meanwhile, heavier and bigger equipment are used for commercial and industrial demolition projects. This involves the use of wrecking balls and safety explosives along with other specialized demolition equipment. The safety precautions and framework of the demolition process stay the same in any of these three demolition types. Before doing the actual demolition, the property must undergo clearing of various debris and certain excavation or grading prework.
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    This requires sufficient planning and preparation which can last for several weeks before the job can start formally. The design of the building is taken into consideration when planning for the demolition. Dangerous materials like fire causing copper wires or abrasion causing glasses must be considered when developing the demolition process. The location of the job is also taken into consideration. For crowded areas, building implosions are ideal than explosions. Wrecking ball is one of the most common choice of equipment.
    Looking On The Bright Side of Experts
    They also need to consider having the engineering survey done along with utility location. On the demolition day, police, fire department and medical assistance are present in the area. The condition of the building as well as its materials are assessed during the engineering survey. The assessment will then become a reference when choosing the method and equipment for the demolition. Water lines and electric lines are also considered during the demolition planning. The demolition contractor will see to it that they can relocate these utilities temporarily. The medical team are responsible to assist injured personnel due to the demolition. Then the safety precautions are tackled especially when there is a risk of fire or if it involves explosion. Police and fire department are also involved in the plan of the demolition contractor to handle the evacuation process if necessary. The safety and health of the workers must be considered thoroughly by the demolition contractor as required by the local authorities. These areas are thoroughly considered before the planning stage is finished. The demolition company must get a permit before they can even implement their plan. Everything is covered in the planning from the methods, equipment, standards and safety precautions. If a demolition contractor neglect one or two of these aspects, it is better to look for another demolition company.


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