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    The Many Purposes of Synthetic Urine Synthetic urine is produced when inorganic or organic components such as phosphates, urea, chloride, sulfates, and creatinine are combined with water. The most common reason why synthetic urine is invented is so that they can be used for laboratory purposes. When you talk about the chemical and physical properties of synthetic urine, they are more or less the same with real human urine; they just differ in that there is no waste in the synthetic one. This is the main reason why it is best to make use of synthetic urine in places that do not need the real one because of its innate threat of hygiene and infectious diseases. Below is a list of some of the many uses of synthetic urine, mostly involving it being used in the laboratory. The most common purpose of using synthetic urine will have to be calibrating equipment. When it comes to laboratories, there are several equipment being used for testing urine, and in order to better calibrated these equipment, synthetic urine must be used. Because of the many factors that affect different compositions of urine from one person to another, it is best that synthetic urine be used when it comes to calibrating these urine testing equipment.
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    Another use to synthetic urine is for education purposes. When it comes to students who are still practicing doing clinical experiments, especially urinalysis, it is best that they use fake urine.
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    Synthetic urine also comes in handy for a number of scientific purposes. Diaper testing is a must among diaper companies, and the best way to help them ensure their quality is using synthetic urine. In using synthetic urine, these companies can better check out the quality of their diapers. If there is a need to test for cleaning agents, synthetic urine can also be used. Marketers and salespeople are using this product so that they will be able to demonstrate to people how effective the cleaning product that they are selling is. The cleaning agents that they are endorsing can be used to clean carpets and furniture. Despite synthetic urine not being recommended to be used internally, others still claim it to be an alternative medicine. An alternative medicine called urine therapy makes use of synthetic urine to be its substitute. Another common use of synthetic urine is for passing drug tests. Indeed, this is the most common use of synthetic urine. If you talk about synthetic urine, you will not find any traces of drug use in it; hence, people using drugs opt to use this as substitute for their urine. While undergoing drug tests, synthetic urine is sure to provide you negative results. No matter how much training the laboratory staff has undergone, it is always a guarantee that none of them will be able to find out that the urine that you have submitted is synthetic.


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