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    SEO Tips for Your Cleaning Company

    In the early days of professional cleaning businesses, the industry was relatively new that there really was no such thing as competition. Now if you happen to own this type of business a few decades ago, it’s safe to assume that you probably didn’t think about doing any marketing because there really wasn’t a need to since all customers flock to you with the absence of competition.

    Unfortunately, the same thing can no longer be said these days. Considering the fact that you already have a lot of competition these days, it only means you have no other choice but to invest in a marketing campaign to be sure you can keep up or stay ahead of your competition. It’s no secret that the most efficient way to advertise and market your company and the services you’re offering is by building your own website and doing search engine optimization to put it on top of search engine rankings.

    For you to be sure you have an optimized website, follow these SEO strategies:

    Give Local SEO Priority

    Today, practically everyone can build a website from scratch and put the usual stuff in it, including a list of products and services, company information, and contact form. But then again, building a website alone simply isn’t enough. It is important that you optimize it so that local customers will see it. There’s really no need for you optimize your website to the everyone in the country because you only will be offering your services to a specific local area.

    It’s All About the Keywords

    Keep in mind that regardless of the type of professional cleaning services you’re offering or if you’re confined to residential or office cleaning, the thing is you need to figure out the right keywords to use for optimizing your site, because in the end, you never can be found by your would-be clients if you’re not using the right keywords.

    Optimized Content Hub

    A content hub is actually an area or page on your website which centralized the content for easy access and viewing for the visitor and potential client. Part of this content hub is a blog where you consistently provide relevant information to your visitors. You must acknowledge the fact that while SEO indeed has changed a lot for the past couple of years, it still can’t be denied that content remains king.

    Social Media and SEO Are Almost Likely the Same Thing

    Last but definitely not the least is the fact that when you’re doing an SEO campaign, it needs to include social media presence. If you really want to build an established and reputable presence online for your website and increase visibility for your cleaning company, you need to create social media profiles. Keep in mind that there is no other strategy in SEO that’s more effective when it comes to connecting and establishing relationships with future customers than social media.


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