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    Telemedicine and the Future of Providers

    The future of telemedicine is changing faster than ever before. Telemedicine has grown over the past few years and is now more accessible and affodable than ever. Telemedicine can provide access to medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Smartphones are becoming more popular by the hour and a wide variety of applications are being developed for telemedicine. Devices have been designed to monitor glucose and blood pressure that have gained wide use in telemedicine.

    There are guidelines that have been established and telemedicine has no exception. Telemedicine providers and users don’t yet have a set of standard guidelines but they do follow the same guidelines set by the American Medical Association.
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    Some of the guidelines that are included involve when to use telemedicine, which states that telemedicine can’t be used for any condition that requires an in-person examination by a physician. Notifying the patient is also necessary for telemedicine providers, they have to explain how these services work and the limits of telemedicine technology.
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    There are also guidelines under the American Medical Association that reference patient evaluation, management, and finding suitable physicians. You are responsible for determining the requirements of the patient. It tells you how to connect a patient with a suitable physician. Outlines are also available for recording and storing patient data.

    There are guidelines for billing information which states that telemedicine providers need to keep their patients informed of medical costs before any procedure, treatment or exam takes place.

    There are several barriers for telemedicine even though it has been increasing in popularity over the years. Some of these barriers include state legislation, state licensing, and patient reimbursement policies.

    The future of telemedicine looks bright. The telemedicine industry will be a 36 billion dollar industry by 2020 according to market research. There was a large group of patients who were surveyed recently and 75% report they would be interested in telemedicine and predict a bright future for the industry.

    With many advancements in the fields of technology such as virtual reality and a constantly growing user base of telemedicine services show an exciting future for the medical field and industry in general. There are always advancements being made, some of which include robotic arms which can be controlled remotely. Then there’s the whole smart watch industry which connect to health trackers using bluetooth or wireless networks. All of these things will play an important role in the telemedicine industry in the future but the future is coming fast.

    Make sure to keep an eye out for telemedicine in the near future. The industry is growing fast so give it a try.


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