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    The Role of Oil and Gas Landmen

    Being an oil and gas landman is one job that you will really love and be proud doing. Aside from the fact that you can do the work outside your own home, you are able to earn more from this type of job. Since oil and gas is a moneymaking industry, the demand for it will still continue and this will strengthen the economy but at the same time, the price will continue to increase as the growth overseas continue. Therefore, more opportunities are available in this type of booming industry. If you happen to observe the richest oilmen, many of them have started as landman and eventually, they became millionaires and billionaires.

    There are more people who are enticed to become an oil and gas landman because of the high pay and benefits you get from it such as having the freedom. A lot of these landman earn at least $300 a day and for those who are already in the industry for too long, they can reach $550. The consistent growth of the oil and gas industry has been supported by the high price of the oil and natural gas and also because of the new “play’s” being drilled. That is why the demand for landmen has also increased and this will continue to increase based on the demand for oil and natural gas.

    Training is very important in becoming a landman. If you think you are not ready to apply yet, you can always seek for a trainer to become a landman wherein you will be fed by information as well as trainings. Oftentimes, job seekers look for jobs in the Internet because most companies post their jobs in the Internet. On the other hand, jobs like being a landman, is not really into the online job post. In order to apply for one, it is recommended that you mingle with people in the oil and gas industry. To get hired, you must go the extra mile by going out of your comfort zone and just explore the world of oil and gas industry through visiting oil and gas companies or by talking with other landmen.

    So where are these landmen often found? You must first identify the places that these landmen often go or the people they interact often. Most landmen are friendly and very approachable. That is your starting route. Going to a social gathering where there a lot of landmen attendees is also a good opportunity to be able to talk to at least a few of them. One of the major requirements of being a landman is becoming a socialite in order to meet a lot of people and may help you bump with a landman.


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