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    Different Types Of Designs To Add Beauty To Your Concrete Patio

    A concrete patio that is well-constructed can make a landscape look more attractive. Adding a concrete patio to your background is cheaper than other materials and you can also design it in various ways. Not only is concrete an inexpensive material, it is also durable which can hold long rain, storm, sunbeams, etc.

    Concrete is widely available in the market and it is multifaceted with its multiple uses on landscapes or other outdoor designs in the homeowner’s backyard. Common maintenance done on concrete is simply cleaning.

    Designing the concrete can be done in various ways using different modes of techniques and create its aesthetic patterns, especially on patios. You can just choose which one best suits your style and match the design and color of the house.
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    A smooth finish is a simple yet clean design for your concrete patio. It requires sandblasting or acid etching of the patio floor and smoothen it out.
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    The concrete patio can be styled to mimic other materials and this is called stamping. Your concrete patio will have a different look this technique because it adds color and texture to the design. The most commonly chosen designs are stones, bricks, tiles and wood. Adding the color to the mixture first before pouring is a way to make the color permanent. It would be a good idea to pick a color that will fit to the design to make it look natural like beige for brick style and greyish to mimic stones. Before the concrete starts to dry up, stamp the design onto the wet concrete so that it can create the texture of the chosen style. This techniques is certainly cost-effective and the result will look like you invested so much to it.

    Remodeling the concrete patio can be easy by applying the staining technique. This can create a brand new look to the patio like an old-fashioned style. Staining technique also creates a covering to the concrete patio to make it more durable when exposed to heat, rain, etc. The process is to clean first the patio to remove heavy dirt, then wet the floor and sprinkle some acid solution to further clean it, and finally, add the stain. Stain the patio from time to time to keep its durability longer.

    Scoring is another unique technique of styling the patio. This technique is used to score lines and shapes onto the concrete like squares or grids. Before applying the scoring techniques, make sure that the concrete is stable and intact.

    The use of concrete to make patios have become widely known as it can be made aesthetically beautiful and it is very cost-effective. People can make their outdoors inviting to neighbors and appealing to anyone who passes by their homes with beautifully-designed concrete patios.


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